iMac Repairs

1.Heat up Issues  2. Screen Replacement  3. Glass Replacement  4. Power Supply Repair  5. Logic board component level repair 6. Hard drive replacement & Data Recovery  7. Softwares Upgradation

MacBook Pro Repairs

1. Crack screen Replacement  2. Logic board Repair  3. Liquid damage component level repair 4. Bottom/ Back Case replacement 5. Keyboard/Keys replacement 6.  DVD replacement

MacBook AirRepairs

1. Logic board repairs  2. Keyboard repairs  3. Screen replacement  4. HDD Replacement &Data Recovery  4. Liquid damage repairs same day service  5.  All kind of softwares

Intel Mac Pro Repairs

1.  Completely dead  2. Just apple chime no display 3. Keep shutting down ( restarting ) 4. Freezing & crashing  5. Just LED light is ON no display  6. Just white screen nothing after that 7. KERNAL PANIC  8. Just apple logo 8. Fan very noisy

Macbook Pro Retina Repairs

1. Dead no power 2. Retina Screen Replace  3. Two hours service  4. Battery not charging  5. Crack screen ( 13", 15", 17" )  6. Logic board repairs same day  7. HDD replacement & data recovery  8. Freezing crashing white screen  .9 Just apple logo

Apple Cinema Display Repairs

1. Just white screen  2. Completely dead 3. Dead pixels 4. No display just LED light is on  5. Lines in the middle of screen  6. Same day service 7. All kind of softwares

Apple IPad Repairs

1. Just white screen 2. Completely dead 3. Front glass replacement 5. No display just LED light is on 6. Logic board repair 7. Same day service 8. All kind of softwares issue

Apple IPhone Repairs

1. Water Damage Repair 2. Completely dead 3. Screen Replacement 4. No display just LED light is on 5. Logic board repair 6. Same day service 7. All kind of softwares issue

Mac Mini Repairs

1. Video output is weak or dark. 2. Wireless connection is limited. 3. Screen Replacement. 4. Won't boot up. 5. Logic board repair 6. freezing , crashing, blue screen coming on 7. over heating problems

Who We Are.

Apple Repairs Centre will reshape the way you think about the Apple Products Repair industry. Finally a customer oriented technical support company you can rely on! “Best Apple Service in “MUMBAI(Mumbai-Vashi-Thane)”, as proven by our experience apple Products support, same-day or quick repairs and free diagnostics at industry, low rates throughout Mumbai.

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Apple Repairs Centre provides you superior Apple repairs with any technical issue and any point of time. When you can not afford to waste your productive time with mediocre repair services, we ensure you a very quick, efficient and flawless Apple Repair.

Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Retina Dispay Repair In Mumbai

We provide a hassle free and cost effective way of getting your apple Laptop Repair (Macbook, MacBook Pro, MacBook pro with Retina Display, MacBook Air) repaired. We use professional technicians for each repair. All Mac Laptops repairs are carried out to the highest standard using the highest quality Apple approved replacement parts.

We use a fast and effective way to repair any issues you may be having with Apple MacBook. Our Experience engineers can diagnose and repair a variety of faults that can occur with your Apple MacBook.

We offer repairs for Apple Mac Laptops including MacBook Pro, MacBook 13″, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro.